Intercom proactive messaging interfering with feathery rudderstack

We had an odd issue yesterday where for a form that was embedded in a webview viewed from our iOS app, that rudderstack was not getting events even though we had integration connected.

If you used the form directly in our web app (not embedded in our iOS app) it worked.

We narrowed it in on a proactive “chat” from intercom that was firing on the page. Once we disabled it, everything worked on iOS with events flowing through to rudderstack.

So there seems to be a bug here when intercom widget is shown, or when it’s hidden but a proactive chat is visible.

This might be a better issue to flag to the intercom team, not sure how much control we’d have on this issue

I was flagging here because in 8+ years of using intercom we’ve never had an issue with conflicts like this other than in this case with feathery in iOS safari.