When are events sent to rudderstack?

For the rudderstack integration, when are events sent to it? Other integrations have settings for when we want events sent for each step or form completion.

THe UI and docs aren’t clear on this. Ideally there should be a setting that gives these options:

  • form completion only
  • step submission
  • step submission and form completion

Our rudderstack integration is here: RudderStack Integration | Feathery

Like our other analytics integrations, it sends events on step load and submit

Ah, got it. I totally missed this line in that “How to use”:

When each step of your form is loaded and submitted, a RudderStack event will be tracked.

It would be nice to get control of whether every step should be sent or just completion. Many times we just want completion for things like rudderstack. Otherwise we need to filter downstream and that’s just extra work that I think makes more sense as config option in feathery.

More importantly, Rudderstack bills based on event volume per month so always sending events for step submissions when we don’t need them ends up driving up costs up due to event volume.

Eg. Feathery firm with 5 questions is 6 events per user to rudderstack (5 step submissions and 1 form completion).

I had to completely disable rudderstack integration – way too many events were being sent per survey, we’d hammer our monthly event quota if we ultimately launched this because we’d be getting 6-7x the # of events we need to get in this case from feathery. Hoping there can be configuration for this.

This is now configurable from integration settings

We just set this up and reconnected rudderstack but we are still seeing events for every step despite this configuration:

this is screenshot from our logs. Notice the stepId is present here which indicates it’s not a form completion event:

Even worse we aren’t seeing the form completion event, so none of the payloads that we see have the form results.

Looking at Rudderstack history viewer it confirms that track events are sent for stepload, stepsubmit and pages but not form completion:

You’ll need to upgrade the embed library to the latest version as well

we’ve forced version 2.0.160 , hard refreshed, and still same thing

Can you try 2.0.161? That one should work

That solved the issue about us getting events for every form step load and submitted, but we aren’t seeing form completion events.

Actually correction on this. We are seeing the form completion event, but it’s missing the form info (which is why our code was filtering it out)

This is from rudderstack event viewer:

Additionally, there is a “page” tracking event being sent when there’s no configuration to control this (there should be like the other events to Rudderstack)

We are still seeing page events sent to rudderstack, which are the pageview events.
This causes the same issue as my comments with the other events: it blows up the rudderstack event volume.

At minimum, this should be controllable in the Rudderstack integration settings.

However, unless Im missing something, pageviews aren’t important for feathery given you have the “step load” event which I believe is exactly equivalent. So suggest pageview events are disabled.

The default rudderstack page event is now disabled in 2.0.165

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@peter thanks for that, appreciated!