Bulk Onboarding

We want to set up a process to allow our customers to onboard their clients to our offering. Suppose a customer has 2 clients vs 100 clients - how would we set up an onboarding to do this?

Hi, we’d need a little more detail to help out here. Do you have a specific question about the form you’re looking to set up?

Suppose the first step asks the customer to insert the number of clients that need to be onboarded.

For example, our customer states that 100 of their clients need to be onboarded.

Suppose it’s the same onboarding form that needs to be completed by a customer for each of their clients. The form could be 1 step or multiple steps.

Now how could we set it up? Would our customer have to fill out 100 forms for the 100 clients? Is there an easier setup?

Again, I think it depends a lot on your use case. Is there per-client information that doesn’t need to be filled out once per client? Or is your question more around how you could implement fields that collect a variable amount of information in Feathery?

You could set up a repeatable container that has fields that can be filled out once per client.

Assume every fields needs to be completed for every one of the 100 clients.

And I’m not sure if it’s relevant to this scenario but we would want each of the 100 entries to be able to feed into the Results as separate entries with unique User IDs - in the form, one step (4 fields) would apply to each of the 100 entries.

For example, see our current “Launch” form. The first step would apply to each of the 100 entries.

If you want each to be a separate entry, there’s a “start new submission” button action. You could have your customer go through the onboarding form and have a start new submission button at the end that the customer can use to initiate a new submission for a new customer

I did this but when I click the button on Preview Draft, it just refreshes that specific step. Do I need to add another action to go to a previous step?

Could you point us to a form and step where you’re seeing this behavior so we can take a look?

The “Launch” form in our dashboard - the last step has a button named Launch.

thanks - we just made a fix for this, should now take you back to the beginning of the form