How to setup a form for 2-3 users + restrict a field so only a certain user can complete it

I have a form that is intended to be a legal contract. The Recipient (user_1) can specify if there is co-signer (user_2); there is around 50% of the time. Last, my company (user_3) needs to sign the doc as well.

How do I:
(1) Securely share the form with user_2 if user_1 specifies there is a co-signer (I will have user_2’s email address?
(2) Make it so that a specified user can only fill out a certain field (e.g. user_1 can only sign the Client1Signature field; user_2 can only sign the Client2Signature field; and user_3 can only sign the FirmSignature field?

hey kris, this use case is exactly what our Collaboration feature was designed for. You’ll also be able to specify which fields are available for which collaborators! Collaboration - Feathery Docs

It’s available on our enterprise plan, feel free to schedule a demo and get a quote here: Calendly

Hi @peter

Follow-up question here. Is it possible to have a collaboration where the EXTERNAL party starts the form? In the Feathery docs it talks about (i) initiating from the feathery platform (send an email) or (ii) start the form as the initial collaborator.

But I would like to have a generic form that either 1 or 2 users can fill out (and then I would sign).

If it is possible:

  • (1) How do you assign the initiating external user to a Collaborator role?
  • (2) Confirming the way to invite 2nd/3rd collaborators would be via a validation rule?
  • (3) How can the form be setup so that required fields, but for different parties, work properly; e.g. Signature1 (for Collab1) and Signature2 (for Collab2)? I used the Collaboration “Can Edit” settings and specified which custom fields for each person → but the first page with both Signature1 and Signature2 wont let me progress because each are required fields.
  1. An end user is able to initiate a collaborative form: you just need to start the form by sending a link (as usual) and then have a button in the form with the action set to “Invite Collaborator to Submission” to invite the partner to fill out their section of the form (as discussed above). Details here: Collaboration - Feathery Docs
  2. I tested your form and as the first collaborator, I am able to progress past the page with both signature fields. The disabled field does not block progression.

@KrisB also wanted to let you know that #1 is now supported! You can have an external user initiate a form and assign collaborators afterwards

Hi Peter,

Thx. Follow-up question/blocker for me: Is it possible to have a NON-unique form that is collaborative?

Use case = I want to be able to send a link for a collaborative form to 100s of users (e.g. some users are single, others are couples and need to add spouse). When that link is clicked, it would
(1) start a unique collaborative form, and
(2) (ideally) there is a way that the person who clicked/started the form is auto-assigned (or able to assign) themselves as collaborator1

It seems it would be fine to just start it like a normal form, and then that person can assign collaborators to make it a collaborative session? Unless I’m misunderstanding something