Create an option to delete/remove steps after completing them

Hey guys,
I’m quite new to Feathery and I have a question regarding a form I’m trying to create.

  1. The form is available for customers to apply as a single (4 steps) or family/group (for each additional applicant they need to complete 2 additional steps).
  2. I created another step only for the family/group options, that will present a dynamic table with some data from the entire group.
  3. Given the fact that for each additional member, the customers will have to fill in 2 steps, I added in the dynamic table a link to each step for editing/update purposes.

Is there a way to present on this table an option to delete/remove users from the table (2 steps for each)?

If more information is needed to understand the situation, please don’t hesitate :sweat_smile:

Thank you,

You probably want to use our repeating containers feature, along with button actions to add and delete repeats: Dynamically Repeating Containers - Feathery Docs

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