Column assignments in Google sheets integration

We have integrated a form with Google sheets. However, when a completely blank sheet is first populated, the column assignment to Feathery fields leaves large gaps (empty columns). For instance - for the “9 Web TT Invite to Job” form, columns A, B, C and D are filled with data from form fields. Columns E-J are blank - both coulmn header and also cell value. Columns K-M and O-Q are filled. Then the next field to be filled appeas in cloumn GO. No column header or cell value is assigned between columns R and GN.

This makes the sheet very unwieldy, almost impossible, to read as you need to keep scrolling to the right until you stumble upon the next field value.

cc: @AK-Rollout to help out here

Can you share the trigger (e.g. Form Completed or something else) and the Google Sheets action you are using?