Complete form - reloading data

Hi, I would like to know how to configure the settings so that once a form is complete it doesn’t reload that data.

Right now I am facing the issue where forms seem to reload previously fully submitted form data. I have it set up to save the last data for unsubmitted entries but once you submit it should get cleared out.

In your form settings under User Tracking, you can turn off Remember User if you want each session to be considered a new submission.

okay, will it still save the lastest data for unsubmitted entries?

It will continue to save partial submissions from previous sessions, yes

okay great, thanks I will try this

Oh hey, there’s a support forum now. Awesome :raised_hands:

I’m trying to figure out the same thing at the moment. I need my users to be able to submit the same form multiple times, but I also need the browser to remember their partial submissions as my production form is 30 pages long — imagine the pain of losing everything after spending hours completing 28 pages :grimacing:

I created a short test form, turned off Remember User and so far after three attempts, it hasn’t saved partial submissions at all — every time I’ve closed the tab it forced me to start fresh. Am I missing something?

For clarity, the behaviour I need is:

  1. For the user to be remembered while they are completing the form, even if they close the window by accident
  2. If that same user wants to submit a new form (it’s the same Feathery form with multiple options), they can hit the “Submit and start new application” and they are presented with a new form that doesn’t affect their existing submission.

I thought that turning off "Allow Edits" might work, but it still retains the data from the previous submission.

Is it possible for both conditions to be fulfilled in the current version? I know it’s possible to manually generate a unique link for a form, but is it possible to do so through a button?

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 16.40.05

Just added an action for this: Actions - Feathery Docs

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Have I ever said that I appreciate the hell out of you for these kinds of responses? Because seriously, :exploding_head: :heart:

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