Webhook/Form Complete Bug

I’m seeing some weirdness with how we’re receiving the form completions and the webhook from yall:

  1. i completed the survey from our staging environment
  2. i see these results under my correct UserID, but its marked as a “partial” completion

(note here: this flow where there is a blank field is still complete, that empty field is optional based on which answer i select previously. Completing the form from the test link without a userID associated will mark this as a complete)

  1. i received a blank webhook from that:
{"feathery_user_id"=>"717e7fb3-0a71-4067-80fa-7c6bd1abe706", "format"=>:json, "controller"=>"api/feathery_webhooks", "action"=>"receive"}

I also see a correlating blank entry in feathery, with that same feathery user ID, marked as “completed” but with 0 fields?

so tldr- im completing the form and not getting the correct data from the webhook back

Can you clarify the reproduction steps here? Do you need to embed the form, then manually set a user ID via init, and you’ll see this behavior?

ah yes sorry- Im using the javascript SDK, and embedding the form and initializing with a user-specific sdk key: Feathery.init(userSdkKey)

This should be fixed now! Thanks for flagging

Hi! I still seem to be seeing the same issue on my end, is there a version I should force to test?

Ah mind trying one more time? Think it should actually be fixed now! No need to adjust library version