Custom Apex Domain

I tried to set up a Custom Apex Domain using an Alias. I receive the following warning:

“You have made changes to your domain’s default A or CNAME records which may cause your site to go offline. Are you sure you want to save your changes?”

What should I do? Should I ignore the warning and proceed?

Where is this error coming from? This doesn’t seem like a warning coming from Feathery. Also, using your apex domain with Feathery does mean you can’t host anything else at that apex domain. I think subdomains should be fine, but that’s better to check with your domain provider

This error isn’t coming from Feathery. I decided to use a subdomain instead.

When would the form custom links reflect on the Feathery Dashboard?

Please reach out to and let us know what custom domain you set up, and we’ll activate it for you