Need domain added to allow list for CAPTCHA protection

When we enable captcha protection on a button in our form, we are getting this error:

our custom domain is at

Can we get our domain added and added to allow list?

Your domain has been whitelisted

We are still getting the same error and it’s been 18+hours since it was enabled… What else could be wrong?

Is your feathery sdk key properly set?

Yeah i mean this is an embedded form we have been using for 6+ months so don’t think that’s the issue?

Here is what we see in our network traffic:

Do you see this on the hosted version of the form when enabling captcha?

No, this works fine when we using the direct hosted form. But when it’s embedded in our product it fails witih the error message posted in my original message.

Can you email the HAR file export of the network log on the embedded form including that failed network request to

Done, just sent it to that email address

Thanks - this shoudl be resolved now

Hey peter, it’s working now! but we are seeing this weird error UI on mobile. see screenshots:

please advise

Seeing it on desktop still too

The URL you are on doesn’t seem like the domain @trevinbc asked us to whitelist above. do you need a different domain whitelisted as well?

ohh, yes we need our staging url whitelisted too please →

it has been whitelisted

Thanks Peter, looks like we’re still seeing the error. Was there something else we needed to do to make the error go away?

your screenshot seems to indicate rather than Are you sure you asked us to whitelist the correct odmain?

:face_with_spiral_eyes: ah. thanks for the catch. can we get the following domains whitelisted?

Domain has been added