Data deletion requests and identifying feathery users

Trevin_Chow @Trevin_Chow: Trying to think through how we handle data deletion requests. I see htat Feathery has a “Delete a user” API, but wondering how we figure out to make our users to feathery’s user via the user ID.

This raises a larger issue in how the concept of a “user” works in Feathery since we don’t do any explicit user creation we just show a form. So users are implicitly created but there’s no reference to our userID in that process that I’m aware of

peter @peter: in the init call to Feathery’s library, you can pass in your own custom user ID if you want feathery to use that instead
we’ll associate all sessions with the same user ID as the same user

Trevin_Chow @Trevin_Chow: perfect thank you