Driving traffic from one domain to a specific sign up flow

We have multiple domains, e.g. for each affiliate, and for each of these unique domains, we’d like to drive to their own unique sign up flow.

How do i drive traffic from a specific domain to a a specific flow.

Hi @marco , Are you referring to the Athena Signup form?

And when you say their own unique signup flow, do you want to have separate step for each affiliate? Or having a read-only field / hidden field with the affiliate domain included in the submission will work for your usecase?

Hi @kailash,

For example, our current URL is Athenago.com and we want to drive people to our Athena Signup form.
An affiliate’s URL may be something like JamesAthena.com and we would want to drive people from this URL to a version of the Athena Signup form that is branded with James Copy/Creative + a different fields.

You can use a unique url per affiliate to pass dynamic field values that conditionally show or hide different steps or fields on steps: How to Set Field Values | Feathery Docs