Multiple emails receiving one form

we have a form that then slips into 2 different topics depending on the choice made by the user. We would like each of these 2 different topic forms to be sent to different emails, depending on the topic chosen by the user. So, if path 1 is chosen the form would be sent to an email address, and if path 2 is chosen, then the form would be sent to a different email address.
we were able to add an email to the form. Notwithstanding, we were not able to add then another email to the same form, as you had mentioned being possible to do. Do we need a different type of subscription to be able to do it?

if you conditionally want to send to different emails, you could set the email recipient as a field variable via double curly braces. Then, you can set the value of the field to the email you want to send to based on how the user navigates to different topics. This can be done via the set custom value button action or our custom logic feature

Hi Peter! Thank you for your help here. As I’m new in Feathery, do you know how exactly I’m able to set a custom value button action or a custom logic feature? Thank you!

custom logic: Visual Rule Builder - Feathery Docs
custom button action:
custom logic:

@peter thank you for redirecting for the articles. What I’m struggling with is finding the field I want to “save value to”, as it is within the email integration. Would you be able to help me?

The field can be the ID of a field on your actual form, or it can be a hidden field that you’ve created as well. Form Fields - Feathery Docs