Dynamic Text Query

Hey, is it possible to add dynamic text?

So for example is someone filled out their name in one question, the following question starts with ‘Thanks [Name]…’


Hello Ibrox,

Thank you for reaching out.

You can achieve this by creating a text field with a show conditionally rule.
Here is what I got when I tried replicating your request on my end.


You can do this by following the steps below.
First. Is to add a text element to your form.

Second, is to create a a show logic rule by navigating to show conditionally option in the properties tab of the text you had just created.

In the screenshot below, I had set the field to fullname to show the text when it is filled.

Meaning, the text element that I had created will remain hidden until the user inputs his name in the fullname field.

Additionally, you can access this link: Display Dynamic Text | Feathery Docs
For more details about the usage of dynamic text.

Hopefully this helps.

Got it working thank you very much