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Hello, i’m currently building a UI that essentially connects the price that im working on. I’m hoping to dynamically update each other in both ways as a UI experience. Meaning - have the values update each other. Example, when user slides the price bar, the text and the right should show the price that the slider is on. Also, when the user types in a price in the text, the slider should move accordingly as well. Would it be possible to do this with I am aware that you can do links with text fields with other text fields, but not the slider. Would love to know! Thank you

Hey John, this is totally possible with our advanced logic feature. You can create two rules, one that runs when the slider value is changed and have it update the text field with feathery.setFieldValues(). The other rule runs when the text field value is changed and does the opposite update to the slider.

Thanks for this Peter. I was able to get this method working for both sides. However, for the text input method, the slider seems to not dynamically update without a refresh. Is there a way to refresh the slider after the user inputed the text?

We put up an update, the slider should now be reacting properly!

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Thanks for the quick update Peter!

Hi Peter - i noticed that the slider is updating correctly on the test view, but not the live view. Would you be able to check on it and see if there is potentially a bug in the new fix? Thank you so much!

Hey John, I’m guessing you’re using our advanced logic feature, which is only usable on the test form on the basic and free plans. You’ll want to move to our plus plan or above to have logic run on the live form.

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