Email Integration Hidden Fields Not Displaying

Do hidden fields have a different field ID than the double curly braces {{}} in the Email integration? Documents input the field correctly in the PDF, but the Email body left my hidden field blank.

Hi Evan,

Is the hidden field value being set in some logic or? Seems the field value might be empty.

Hi Summer, I don’t believe the field value is empty because Documents rendered it correctly as [‘Coleman 15 SEER2, 95% AFUE’].


It’s being set via Next buttons and button groups.

Hi Evan, can you please try again now and let us know if you have further issues? Thank you.

Hi Summer, I caught your earlier response about removing the ampersand “&” so I spent the day reprogramming the fields because renaming hidden fields isn’t an option. I haven’t had issues since but I can’t test the & because I deleted those fields. Thanks.