Embed Javascript doesn't work in Hostinger's website builder

When I insert the Javascript code, the form is not shown on my page, I am using Hostinger’s website builder. Form codes such as Jotform, Tally and Fillout work normally.

Hi @tjlima Can you share the website URL? We can take a look at that and see what is happening.

Hi, @kailash.
Advogado | Crediuz in the last section, “seja nosso parceiro”.

Hi @tjlima , I have taken a look at your webpage. The JS code got encoded and that is causing the issue. Ideally, the JS snippet should go into the footer of the webpage so that the form gets initialized without any issues.

Ensure that hostinger is not converting the JS code to HTML-encoded text.

Screenshot for your reference. The code got converted as shown in this screenshot!