Error messages not present in translation doc

Saleh_Alnanih @Saleh_Alnanih: Hi Guys,

Some error messages like “this field is mandatory” is not there in the translation document to be translated to arabic. what’s the approach to add these phrases translation to the form?

peter @peter: hey saleh, could you share the form directly with me and the way to trigger that untranslated error message?

Saleh_Alnanih @Saleh_Alnanih:

Feathery Forms

try to not to fill any of the fields and the error will occur and be visible in English

peter @peter: hey saleh, This is a required field is present in the translation document
i see it at the end of the english text

Saleh_Alnanih @Saleh_Alnanih: Mobile number error is not there in the translation
that is saying “Your entry must be…”

peter @peter: this error is now available to translate

Saleh_Alnanih @Saleh_Alnanih: Got it! Thanks

these error messages are now present in the translation doc