Somehow forms are sometimes allowed to submit without required field

Our form in production has require fields for our questions and yet somehow we are seeing small # of users get through without filling all the fields out. We are hoping someone at Feathery can dig into this and see how as we think it’s a bug within feathery.

Here are the IDs of some of the submission where we’ve seen this:


which form are you looking at?

the New User Onboarding (PROD) form

also the form ID is b19223fe-451b-481d-b7cf-a3b6dcf32e05

I’m unable to find these submissions in your dashboard. Looks like you’ve set custom user ids?

sorry yes, i copied those submission IDs from the URL as I assumed you wanted those to see in your db/backend.

user ids:


It just happened again for another user Id on same from


Another user id:


It would be helpful if you were able to determine the steps to reproduce this issue. I have a feeling it might have to do with how you’re setting or updating the user id on your end

@peter we havnt been able to reproduce it locally, which is how we’re confused how people are able to submit without all the required fields filled out.

another example, this person was somehow able to submit with no fields filled out:

We’ve collected over 1300 responses and the vast majority of the users are correctly filling out all required fields and the user IDs are correct for all of those. However, there are 6-7 that have come in that are in varying states of missing fields somehow, In all cases though, the user iD is correct for those submissions despite the missing fields.

This is why it doesn’t seem like it’s a form init or user ID init issue.

You could consider turning off hashes on your forms in the settings – users wont be able to use browser back/forward to navigate anymore, but there was potentially an entrypoint where if they knew the id of a different step and edited the hash, they could skip there.

We can try this but I don’t see how anyone would know how manual nav the form directly (other than browser back and forward) as we only embed the survey. The url is never visible

the user shouldn’t be able to submit the form unless all the required fields are filled out anyways? so even if they browser back/forward, they should never be able to submit with an empty field, right?

right, browser back/forward wouldn’t let them get past any empty required fields. I was saying if they manually edited the URL hash to a future step, potentially that could’ve let them skip

So we have a theory that a user may have gone halfway throguh your form, cleared their cookies / tracking, and may have been able to continue the entire way in a new user session. If you upgrade to 2.0.252, it has a guard against that (makes the user restart from the beginning if they clear their session midway and we essentially treat them as a new user)

gotcha! I’ll keep and eye on it and let you know if that looks to fix it. Thanks for keeping on this!

@peter it looks like we’re still seeing the same problem, I’m still getting a handful of people who submit without having the name fields filled out

We have one more hypothesis that users in poor connectivity regions are cutting out while they’re progressing through the flow. We have a fix in the works for this edge case

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it’s been a few days now since we’ve seen that error, feeling optimistic!!

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