Fetching filled out document with signature from webhook

On a new submission, I am setting up a webhook to pass through all the data so that I can process it and send it along downstream. However, when looking at the data sent by the webhook, there are s3 links to signature and initial files, but no link to the completed PDF agreement that the user signs as part of the form. This is something that shows up in the Documents tab on our results page.

Is there a way for us to get this file programmatically, either passed along in a webhook, or fetched via API?

Hey there! You can go for a API post call for that: Feathery API Reference

OK so I can’t just fetch an already filled out document, as it is available in the results/documents tab in Feathery, but rather, I need to reconstruct the document itself in order to download it.

If that is the case, how do I provide the signature / initials? I have URLs to the PNG files that contain each, but I don’t see how to provide them to the request you linked in order to have them filled out in the document.

Hey Ben, the error you ran into with the document fill endpoint will be resolved in half an hour. But in this case, i think it’d be easier for you to fetch the documents directly - we’ll expose a public API that you can use to fetch filled documents in a bit

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Here’s the api for that: Feathery API Reference