Connecting PDF to Form for Signature

Hi there - I’m trying to link my form fields to a PDF to auto populate a signature but having issues. I’ve placed the right form fields into the document in the document builder, however when I fill out the form and it logs a reply, I don’t see anything in the document tab when looking at the results - meaning the document form fill / signatures isn’t triggering upon the form being filled. Any help would be great!

Hi Miles, here’s the link of our documentation on Documents Autofill. There’s a video demo too. Signatures & Document Autofill | Feathery Docs

If you’re still having trouble with the setup, kindly share with us the name of the form and document involved

Hey there thanks for the reply. Its still not working for some reason. The name of the form is “Ozempic FULL” and the document is “Redbird Ozempic (MYSELF)” Thanks!

@eri Any ideas of how we can fix this? We’re on a time crunch to get this form launched

Hi Miles, can you help provide a result link with sample data that goes up to the document part so we can check this faster? I can see that there’s plenty of ways to get to the rejection screen. And to confirm, you don’t need to send out the document via email? You’re only expecting it in the document tab?

Hi @eri here is a link to an example result where all the relevant fields that are supposed to populate the doc are submitted (2b3de4c6-852b-4705-b3ed-806040746bc3). As you can see, even though these answers were submitted they did not populate the PDF. Also, yes, we do not want to send a user an email with the ability to sign a document, but rather we want the document to be autopopulated with their signature upon form submission as they submit their signatre as part of the form response.

It seems that submission (2b3de4c6-852b-4705-b3ed-806040746bc3) is only partial? Your form’s FILL TRIGGER is set to Form Completion. Anyway, I went ahead and tested with 1 test and 1 live submission. You can check the July 1 results, and these have been mapped in the documents.

Take note that you have User Tracking on, so you might not see an update if you test it again without deleting the old document first. Try to delete the oldest doc first (most likely from one of your old tests), and run the form to completion again.

@eri Thank you! Could we change the FILL TRIGGER setting so that the form is populated upon someone reaching and submitting the final screen? Also, I just deleted all old form responses to try and fix the User Tracking issue, and resubmitted the form but do not see a document populated in the most recent reply. Any help would be apprecaited!

At this time we only have Form Completion and Changed Field Value for the fill triggers. However, your case still should fall under Form Completion. You should delete the items in the envelopes section of your document.

You can turn off user tracking on the form settings to allow your multiple submissions while you are testing.

Thanks @eri ! For some reason its not saving the documents when I’m submitting, however I just had someone else submit and it saved the document and seemed to work, so I think we should be all good now! THank you!

@eri Also, is there any way for us to get the PDF preview with the e-signatrue verifiecation pop up before the user submits their form? We see this comes up when you do it via email, however we want that in this scenario as well if possible

We do not have preview for filled PDF at this time.