Uploading Form-Generated PDF from Feathery via Zapier

I’m using Zapier connected to Feathery.io and now my document is correctly being generated from the form. However, when I try to search for the completed generated form with Zapier I am getting a message that no document has been generated, however I can see that document.

Am I not doing something right? I copied the form name and setup the Zap correct but still no documents are showing when I have made at least 5 from the form.

It seems that when a signature is obtained from the form for the PDF instead of having them do it afterwards via email is causing the document to not show up as completed. It’s just a “pending document”.

I was able to generate test data for Zapier but only because I went in and had to change the settings to make the form request email signature which caused it to be completed.

I get the full signature on the form and I don’t need to send it for signature afterwards. Is there a way to make it so that my documents are not showing pending, but completed when they submit the form in its entirety?

All these ones that say pending document have been successfully signed.

Even with the test data and even if the they could be marked as Completed instead of Pending I see that there is an issue with what I’m trying to do.

Let me explain what my goal is.

  1. Someone completes a form that has all the fields of the PDF document.
  2. The PDF document is then uploaded to their profile on our CMS called AgencyBloc.

In order for this to work I need the submission data from the form to be callable in Zapier when looking for a Submitted File otherwise I can’t link who submitted the data to the document.

Do you have any suggestions?

Hey Ty, can you revert your form back to the original state where you expected it to be completed but it was actually pending? We’ll take a look and see if we can get that updated

I have just reverted that back, thanks Peter.

Can you try again in a few minutes? We made an update so that if an email signature isn’t requested, it will be considered completed

Yes I will try now and let you know how it works.

Hi Peter, that worked, it shows complete and brings up test data in Zapier.

Would it be possible to add

  • Field Data from the Form submitted with the generated PDF in terms of pulling it into Zapier?
  • or a way to lookup field data from user ID with Zapier?

My goal is to make the collection and storage of a PDF document fully automated. The last step I need to be able to do that is somehow pull the field data from the form that the PDF was generated from.

you can set up a separate zap with the form completion or data received trigger, which will receive submitted form data. you can then merge this data together in your system of record