Field not showing up when click 'Link to existing field'

Hi, I am trying to link fields to an existing field but when I click the button to do this I cannot see any the name of the field I am trying to link it to. There is a long list of fields but they all seem to be from other forms I have created and I can’t see the names of any from the current form I am working on which I would like to link to.

Hi @KatyCooper , can you share the form and the form field you are trying to do this on?

Yes the form is NHS CHC Checklist and there are a few fields I am trying to do this on but for example I am trying to link TextField34 to the field named CHCResidentName

I see the CHCResidentName field, but where can we see the TextField34 field?

Hi Peter, it is just past half way down the page, under the ‘Consent Form’ heading and next to ‘Name of individual being assessed’.

Oh I see - can I ask why you’re trying to link fields on the same step?

Because the value will be the same so it just saves the user having to re-enter it a number of times

Why does the same value need to be collected multiple times on a step? If you just want to display the collected value, you can display the value in the field: Display Dynamic Text | Feathery Docs