Hello. When I duplicate a form, it prompts me with this message: “Copy Form
Should new form fields be auto-linked to the current form? Linked fields share the same properties and user data.” What does this mean? Any other articles to read about this too? I read the support article and I just need more context.

This should give you context on what linking fields means! Link Fields Across Forms - Feathery Docs

Yes, that’s the page in the title of the post that I referenced in the post too. I read it but don’t really understand it. Is there something else with more information?

If you have a specific question, happy to provide clarification. The main point is just that if you fill out a linked field, other fields that are linked to it in other places in the form or other forms will also show the same data that was originally entered into it. and vice-versa

I’m trying to figure out when and how to implement. Would it be a best practice to link these in a Contact Us form and a Sign Up form?

That would definitely be a good use case!

Great! Would it matter which form a user completes first if the fields are linked?

It does not matter which linked field / form is completed first

Good to know. Are there any other use cases you can share?