How to show total price? Can't get operations to work with field variables in text fields

I’m trying to show the total price on a checkout page. I followed the example in the Feathery Docs which is {{Quantity}} x {{Price}} where Quantity and Price are the variable names assigned. It will show the quantity x price, for example in my case the price is $118, so as I change the quantity, it shows 1x118 or 2x118 or 3x118 etc, it never does the multiplication. Here is everything I’ve tried:

  1. I tried using the ID for the text field that contains the number 118, for example {{Quantity}} x {{312c44eb-ec84-4546-8131-cd0dec6dfbf1}}

  2. I tried just using the number 118, for example {{Quantity}} x {{118}}

  3. I assigned a field called product-price the value of 118 and then tried {{Quantity}} x {{product-price}}

  4. I tried every combination of spaces and signs for multiplication: X, x, * and spaces before and after the operation

'5. I tried every combination of brackets I can think of, for example {{{Quantity}} x {{118}}} and {{Quantity}} {{x}} {{118}} and so on

How do I get the multiplication operation to work?

Here is the example I’m following: Select Products or Plans - Feathery Docs

Thank You!

Hey Suzan, that won’t actually perform the calculation for you. To run the calculation, you’ll want to use our logic feature to take the two input values (quantity & price) and multiply them together, then store the total into a third hidden field that you can show on your summary page

Thanks Peter - logic is only available in Plus, correct? That’s $1,188/year, really expensive for me to be able to do a multiplication operation. I have a one-person self-funded startup trying to get pre-orders up for my first product. Thanks.

That’s correct, logic is currently on our plus plan. You could also keep it in its current form of the “Price X Quantity” representation!

In case this is helpful to others who want to show total price for a simple product pre-order flow (so not processing payment till later and therefore not using Stripe full checkout flow to collect quantity and show price), my workaround (not elegant) and you are not on the Plus plan:

  1. I used a dropdown to allow the customer to pick the quantity of the item, and gave the dropdown element a name, “Quantity”

  2. I created text fields for each total price - e.g. $118, $236, $356 etc. (1*$118, 2*$118, 3*$118 and so on)

  3. I used show/hide rules tied to the dropdown, for each Quantity I created a show/hide rule so that is shows the right price in the text field based on the number picked in the Quantity dropdown, e.g. Rule for the Text Field $236 is Show text_element if Quantity is 2

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