Auto Calculate a Field

Hi there - I am trying to autopopulate a field with a calculation from several other fields. Can I get the simple instructions for that? Thank you!

You’ll need to use custom logic and the code editor. The code would look something like the following (which includes example field IDs)

TotalFieldId.value = Field1ID.value + Field2ID.value

Hi Peter- Thank you for the response! That doesn’t seem to be working. I’m sure it’s user error but my field is not populating with my calculation.

Please be specific about the form and rule that isn’t working

Hi Peter -

I am trying to perform a really simple calculation where the “Dirty Cores” field is the sum of the “Month End Inventory Report” + “Cores in Stock New”.

Below is a screenshot of the code I am using. Then when I test the form, my “Dirty Cores” field does not populate with the calculation. What am I doing wrong?

you need to add .value to the fields you’re adding together as well, so it’d be something like

feathery.fields['Dirty Cores'].value = feathery.fields['Month End Inventory Report'].value + feathery.fields['Cores in Stock New'].value;