HubSpot integration not working in some submissions


It seems that at least one form submissions hasn’t been sent to HubSpot. It has worked well with other users. The user ID is: affb0174-b141-4ba5-b99c-d81e3e4abf66

What might have happened?

Looks like for that user, we’re seeing this error from hubspot

message:"Contact already exists. Existing ID: 1215101"

Hi Peter, thank you for your response! Most of the contacts already exist on HubSpot, that’s why I chose “create or UPDATE contact”:

Is there anything else that could have gone wrong?

The create or update has to do a lookup on your hubspot table. If the lookup field isn’t properly set so it finds the right contact, it will instead attempt a create. In this case it seems your logic is not finding the right contact so it’s attempting to create, causing a conflict

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Oh got it, I think it’s because this user has two email addresses. Is there any way of getting notified when this errors occur? Appreciate your help!

We’ll be adding better integration error notifications to our roadmap