Link Range Slider to Number Field

It would be great if there was a way to have a range slider with a number field.

So a user could either input a value in the number field or use the range slider.

I know there’s probably a way to link with them and replicate this functionality with a logic rule?

One other related request - the ability to format the range slider value that appears when dragging to make a selection. IE: ability to format it to display thousand commas and a dollar currency label.

Although this is less necessary if we can have a number field linked to a range slider. In that case, I would disable the range dragging selector value label and rely solely on the value that populates in the number field.

Yes! You can set up two logic rules, one that runs when the slider value changes and one that runs when the number value changes. And you can have each update the other. Happy to set up an example for you once you upgrade to plus (the plan that supports logic rules)

And we’ll note that feature request

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Thanks Peter! I’m on a plus plan currently and actively in the process of setting up my forms, but will get with you later this month on potentially upgrading to an enterprise-level plan to handle our expected submission volume and for some white-glove support on implementing any complex integrations / customizations.

Great, do you have a step of a form you could point us to? We can go ahead and set that up there