Logic Rule Pulled Field

We ask a customer to select the U.S. state in which they want to do business (say the field is named “state-field-1”), and then we ask for a specific address in that U.S. state (which includes a U.S. state field named “state-field-2”).

(1) How do we autofill “state-field-2” to match the value in “state-field-1”?
(2) How could we set up “state-field-2” so that it could not be changed by the customer?

There is a property to set a field as read-only. You can set up a logic rule that runs when state-field-1 changes, and set state-field-2.value to state-field-1.value

Can you provide the logic rule?

Priority support & custom implementation is part of our enterprise offering. Feel free to reach out to support@feathery.io if interested