_locale language URL parameter and logic questions

@Joel: Hi
I’m currently testing Feathery for a customer project and it looks really nice so far!
But in the project, the user needs to select a language on the first step of the form and then every step after needs to be displayed in the selected language. I saw that the translation feature uses the users browser settings. Could I add the _locale suffic after every step to the next step? Can this be done with the a logic function and a hidden field?

(FYI: also asked this question on Intercom)

peter @peter: yep this can be done with the logic feature. you can have a rule that runs when the language field is changed that refreshes the form and appends the _locale parameter to the url

Katie_Megginson @Katie_Megginson: @peter on this note, could you leverage the logic feature to identify the user’s system theme setting and then direct them to a specific form? ie. i’m thinking you would need to have 2 forms (one form in a light theme, the other in a dark theme) and then switch to the right form based on the user’s system setting once detected?

peter @peter: you can, although for that I’d recommend passing in a callback function to your embedded form directly. You’ll need to use the window global to detect the browser setting I believe, which is disabled from the feathery code sandbox

Katie_Megginson @Katie_Megginson: do you have any suggestions that would allow us just to have one form? :crossed_fingers:

peter @peter: hmm unfortunately we don’t have any native feature to support light/dark mode toggling in feathery at the moment. you could apply one set of styles dynamically to your form, but that would need to be done through code. two forms would give you the ability to maintain separate themes for each directly in feathery
we support priority feature requests like this on our enterprise plan

Katie_Megginson @Katie_Megginson: ah, gotcha. thanks @peter