Feathery Translation Feature

Form Translation and Language Logic:

  • I know how to apply translation to the form, but when I tried using an ip address located in Germany using VPN, but the form url does not load with ‘_locale=de’. How do we test the Feathery auto region / preferred language detection properly?

  • Is there a way to key in the language of the form used? For example, customers from Germany load the form in German language, can we use Feathery logic to fill up the language of the customer used in one of the fields or hidden field.

  • Feathery looks at browser language preferences, so you could change that to test it. The form url will not change unless you explicitly are using an overridden language URL. it will autodetect the browser preference otherwise.

  • The recommended path is to use our native translation fucntionality, but can be implemented as well with custom logic and text variables (more at docs.feathery.io)