Merge containers split into columns?

Is it possible to merge a container split into columns (so 2 containers) without affecting the rest of the form?

Hi Evan, this is possible!

  1. select the child column container
  2. click ungroup element in the properties tab. This will delete the column container while keeping its children elements in place

Hi Peter! Thank you for your reply and my apologies for the delayed response.

I might be explaining my issue rather poorly. When you have a free moment, could you please take a look at how I built this form? Price Beat - Pick Your System II

The problem that I didn’t notice until recently is that because I split the entire Step into two container columns, the text that I thought I managed to center breaks apart if the browser dimensions are thin.

Might you know a solution for this such that the text doesn’t have to split up between the column containers and can be centered?

Thanks a ton,

Hey Evan, you could create a row at the top of your form the spans the entire form. So your layout becomes two rows at the top level, and the bottom row splits into two columns

Brilliant, thanks a ton, Peter!