Form Submission Priority

I receive two sources of emails into 1 email address - submissions using a form and direct emails. Is there a field value (URL parameter) or something else I can add to each form submission that I could use to filter submissions (vs direct emails)?

Could you clarify what you mean by “prioritizing submissions” here?

I edited the posting - “filter” is what I meant vs “prioritize”.

Just to clarify, I want to be able to filter submissions in an email client using some sort of URL parameter (or something else) that is attached to form submissions.

i still don’t think I totally understand. Are you asking how you can selectively trigger emails for certain submissions but not others?

Let me approach in a different way. Is there a hidden field I can add to each form submission that identifies the form as being a Feathery form?

Of course. You can

  1. Create a hidden field:
  2. Set its field value via URL, logic, etc. to some identifying value: How to Set Field Values - Feathery Docs
  3. Include it in your emails for ease of filtering