Multiple file uploads not working properly

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I have a form that allows multiple file uploads, and when I look at the submission results I can see all of the uploaded files individually. However, I am also using several integrations to share the data (Gmail, Dropbox, Google Sheets), and none of them are behaving as expected:

  • The files aren’t uploading to Dropbox
  • Each multi-file submission (uploaded to Sheets and sent through the Gmail integration) generates a single link, but that link is a concatenated link of all three links without a space after the comma, which means the link doesn’t work at all (see screenshot).

When I copied a single link, it worked fine. Instead of simply separating the file links with a comma, would it be possible to put each link on a new line to make parsing them easier?

cc: @AK-Rollout here to help out

For the first issue: Are you uploading 1 file at a time to Dropbox and finding it doesn’t work, or are you trying to uploading multiple files in one go?

In this case it was multiple files. I’ll try a new submission with a single file and see what happens.

Another thing on the Dropbox integration; I noticed when connecting the integration that instead of being able to browse my whole Dropbox folder, it gave me three random subfolders inside my main folder (there are about 12 in total). Do you have any idea why that could be?

Investigating the Dropbox folders issue. Not something we’d expect

Hey @David, we’re currently seeing 3 top-level folders and then a few subfolders for the dropbox integration (i.e. data being sent back to us from dropbox). Is the issue that you have 12 top-level folders and you are only seeing 3? Or that you have 12 folders total including subfolder and cant find a way to navigate to the subfolder?

And if its the case you have 12 top-level folders, my next question would be are those shared folders, or folders others created/own. My hypothesis here would be its got something to do with the API/OAuth having permissions to view/edit those folders.

Hi again AK :wave:

While I do appreciate you looking into the Dropbox folder issue, the higher priority by far for me is the long link issue mentioned in the OP because it’s part of the MVP solution for my client — the Dropbox uploads are a bonus. Is that something you deal with, or is it a Feathery team bug?

Then, regarding the Dropbox issue, none of the folders have special permissions as far as I know. Here are screenshots of what I see in the Feathery app and the folder structure in my Dropbox:

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 16.31.15