Dropbox Integration Not Working - Unexpected Error Occured (tried multiple times last night and this morning)

I’ve been trying to link to Dropbox since last night to send uploaded files to Dropbox as a workaround for not being able to use the webhook to pass files to my Webflow CMS, I waited to see if the issue would resolve overnight, but I am still getting this error:

I tried on Chrome and Safari and 2 different laptops running different versions of Mac OS.

(I’m getting the same error when I click on Discord integration, but not for the other integration items on the list)


Hi Suzan, we are looking into the issue and will keep you posted. Thank you.

Ok, thank you Summer.

Hi Summer, this still isn’t working, can you give an update?

Thank You,

Hi Suzan,

Apologize our integrations team is still working on it and we expect an update around early next week. Many thanks for your patience!