Number field on mobile doesn't allow decimals

I have a number field in my form to collect measurements from customers. On desktop, I can enter decimals, for example if someone has an arm circumference of 12.25 inches. On mobile, as a number field, the number keyboard is presented (the phone number dialing keyboard), and there is no way to switch to the qwerty version of the keyboard which has both numbers and symbols on the numbers view of it so that decimals can be entered. Is there a way to specify that it should be the qwerty version of the number keyboard, with numbers at the top and symbols in the other rows, including the decimal?

In googling this issue, the suggested fix on stackoverflow is to change the code to explicitly call on the QWERTY keyboard that has both numbers and the decimal, instead of leaving it to the keyboard app to default to the number pad in response to a number input field. If this is correct, is it possible to enable this change?

Thanks for doing the research! We’ve made an update and you should now have access to decimals

Thanks Peter - I tested but it is still only giving the number pad option - I tested all of the following on mobile iOS (with history cleared):

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • form embedded
  • form directly (not embedded)
  • republishing form and then going through the above

it’s on the latest library version, so the update pattern follows the same as before. you can either fix the latest version in your embed or wait for update if you embed via @latest

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