Zip Code and Phone Number Fields

Hello I have a couple quick questions regarding the zip code and phone number fields.

Zip code field

  1. Is it possible to default to opening the number keyboard on mobile instead of the standard qwerty keyboard?

  2. Is it possible to add a Google Maps autocomplete that only offers zip code suggestions as you type?

Phone number field

  1. We only receive form submissions in the US. How can we disable the field’s country dropdown selector and the +1 placeholder to eliminate any potential user confusion?

Hi Ryan,

  1. Yes, on the zip code field properties you should be able to now toggle “Only digits”, which will only allow you to enter numerical digits for the zip code and will show a numerical keyboard on mobile.
  2. This is possible via custom logic and is a feature we can prioritize on enterprise!

Phone number field
An alternative would be to use a text field with the mask (000) 000 - 0000, which will constrain the input to 10 digits with nice phone formatting. We can also support disabling the phone field country selector as well on the enterprise plan

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Ok awesome, thank you!