Pdf file to form

Hi, can we upload pdf to make it a form?

Yep: Feathery | AI form builder

HI Peter,

Do you have instructions? I tried to migrate it but the pdf is not showing and not sure if I am doing it right also.

You just need to upload the pdf file on the site and click “Migrate”, then it should show you the migrated form. Then you can click save, log into your feathery account, and it should be there

HI Peter,

I’ve done that a couple of times but nothing had happened. Please see my loom video as reference: https://www.loom.com/share/ce61562914024738a317f16cbec49c59

Can you share the pdf with support@feathery.io

Hi Peter,

This is the form

(Attachment formc (1).pdf is missing)

Hey Roselle, the PDF migration tool can only migrate fillable PDFs. the one you shared isn’t fillable, so we aren’t able to parse it.