Piping 'other' responses into predefined options on each submission

We have a question in our survey in which users select from a multi-select from pre-defined options and can enter unlimited ‘other’ entries. We’d like to incorporate the ‘other’ entries as pre-defined options on each submission.

Is this possible in featherly and if so, is there any documentation?

Hi Abby, can you clarify on what you meant by other entries as pre-defined options? You can just add “Other” as one of the options and uncheck “Enable Other Option” if you do not want users to input their own customized other entries.

Absolutely. I want users to be able to enter multiple ‘other’ options in addition to selecting from the predefined list of options.

Then, after they’ve submitted their form, I want the ‘other’ options they entered to appear as predefined options for the next user. So with each submission the list of predefined options to select from expands.

Does that help?

Hi Abby, you would need to add those options to that multi select field - they cannot be added based on previous users’ submission data.

Thanks Summep,

I was thinking if my live results from the survey are synced to a Google sheet that I could maybe use this (Pre-fill field options from Google Sheets | Feathery Docs) to prefill options back into the survey when it’s refreshed.

Do you think it could be possible with a bit of work / apps script or something? I’m new to feathery and trying to find a workaround even if it’s not built in.

Thanks again for your help

Hi Abby, if you have the Google Sheet integration set up and can obtain all the “other” options users submitted there, you can create a logic rule at step load and use what our doc mentioned with FieldName.options = all_your_options to feed in all the options (but would need to clean up your data and make sure it includes all the original options and it’s an array).

Thanks Summep, will give it a try and let you know how I go!