Predefined URLs

Is there a way to create a URL for a form that pre-selects certain values? For example, if a dropdown on a form includes a value called “billing”, a URL can be used that already pre-selects billing in that dropdown.

Yes, you can pass field values as part of the URL: How to Set Field Values - Feathery Docs

If I adjust the URL Parameters, can I create multiple different URLS for the same form? If so, is there a limit?

Yes and there is no limit

Great! Can you provide a sample with one value vs another with 2 values? I’d like to see the structure.

Query parameters follow a standard pattern: Query Parameters - Branch.


Feathery Forms/?field1=5&field2=test

I’ve tried to do this but can only seem to get it to work in some instances.

I have a [Support] form with 6 fields - 4 of the fields are shown when the form is loaded; the remaining 2 fields are shown only when the first 4 fields are filled.

When I pass field values for the first 4 fields as part of the URL, it works. But, when I pass field values for the 2 latter fields as part of the URL, it doesn’t work - these 2 fields are a Dropdown Multiselect and a Dropdown.

How do I do this?

It seemed to work for me on your form. I used ?first-name-field=asd&support-topics-field=Pricing

Are you sure you’re passing a value that exists in your dropdown options?

When I copy/paste your parameters, the form is loaded but the dropdown field does not show - is the dropdown hidden because it’s already pre-selected?

Never mind. The dropdown is hidden because the prior fields were not yet filled but it loads the URL field values as expected. Your solutions works perfectly. Thanks!