How do you prepopulate dropdown options in the form URL?

What is the required syntax of a form URL to prepopulate dropdown options? Many thanks in advance.

Hello @annagraham ,Can you elaborate a bit more? Are you trying to populate the options using the values passed in as part of the URL? Like URL parameters?

If these values are fixed, you can edit the options of the dropdown input in the properties tab. If they are more dynamic, you can use the Logic section and add the options to the dropdown input dynamically.

Hi @kailash,

Thank you for your response. I would like to prepopulate the dropdown option using URL parameters; the URL will be updated automatically from a SQL database.

The goal is for the dropdown to have staff names which will update automatically when staffing changes. This means that the options do not have to be changed manually when there is a new staff member or a staff member leaves.

Hope that makes more sense.

Hey Anna, setting dynamic field options is possible with Feathery’s custom logic feature. Here’s an example that randomizes the order of options: Randomize Field Option Order | Feathery Docs

Since custom logic is a business plan feature, we’re happy to provide you with sample code if you decide to upgrade