Populating a dropdown based on another form

Is it possible to populate a dropdown multiselect with all the results of a certain field within another Feathery form?

For example, a Name dropdown on Form 1 would populate with all the names previously entered as results in a Name text field in Form 2.

Yes, we support user tracking across forms and fields on one form are accessible in another. You can also dynamically set the options for a field via custom logic like this (uses example field IDs and assumes you ask the user to separate the entered names with a comma:

NameDropdownField.options = NameTextField.value.split(",")

Thank you for this. What about if I have a file upload element in my form. Can I link it so that when you click to upload a file, the files which appear are ones which have been uploaded to a file upload element in a different form?

If you have two file fields linked, the uploaded files showing up on both fields will be the same