Request for a better UX when updating a Theme

Something that could really make the UX better and make the process much more efficient for everyone is the way how changes/updates on the Themes reflect on the Froms.

Currently this is the (bad) process:

  1. I make a change in my theme

  2. I publish the theme

  3. I go back to my form and I see no popup/modal that says “theme is updated. Publish theme changes”. Also my Publish button in the form isn’t clickable, because it stays as “published” since before my Theme edit.

  4. So now I have to refresh the form-page

  5. and now I see the “Publish” button clickable again

  6. I click publish = and now I see the changes on the live preview

Can you guys make this more efficient and easier so that once I publish Theme changes:

  1. it automatically sends a message (in the backend) to the form that’s using it;

  2. Once I get back to my form page browser-tab > I should get a modal/popup on which there is the PUBLISH button immediately (without the need to refresh the page).

This way we will save lots of time, cause we’re doing a lot of changes (and I believe other users as well).

Thanks in advance,

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When a theme is updated, the forms linked to the theme will automatically use the new theme styles already – no additional actions needed