Set Redirect URL in JS embed and redirect to thanks page with parameters persisting

Hi, loving the platform.

I am looking for the parameters on the landing page where the form resides to persist on to the thank you page - a different page on the site.

For example landing page could be:

But I can only land people on:

I was looking at the onFormComplete function and thought I could set something there with some manual JS which takes the params and appends them to the TY page url.

(() => {
	const url_params =;
	const thanks_url = "https://the-url-of-the-thank-you-page";
	const thanks_pg = thanks_url + url_params;
	console.log('thanks_pg: ' + thanks_pg);

	Feathery.renderAt('container', { formName: "Sample Guide", onFormComplete: "window.location.href = thanks_pg", initialLoader: { show: true, loader: '<div class="loader"><img src="" height="75" width="75"/><p>Loading your future...</p></div>' } });

Would love some support if this can be handled and if so, how.


Hi @bfRhap . Thanks and really happy that you are liking the platform.

Regarding the query params, you should be able to do that. The onFormComplete expects a JS function. So, you can use a redirect logic and append any query params into the redirect URL.

An example code for this is available at onFormComplete() | Feathery Docs

Code for your quick reference:

onFormComplete={() => {
  window.location.href = '';

Please let me know if this helps. Happy to share any other details that can help you get unblocked!

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