Redirect from last button within iFrame


My booking Iframe accepts the appointment time and then sends the user to a confirmation of the appointment details at which point they click on the button to confirm the appointment.
The booking app does give me the option of redirecting to another page however I would prefer to apply some logic to display one of two thank-you pages created in Feathery depending on the questions that were answered. Is this possible?

Hi Chris, you can create hidden fields to store the value of the questions answered, and actually add the redirect step directly for your embedded Calendly instead of setting a redirect url in the booking app.

In order to redirect to different thank-you pages, you can create two containers with different redirect steps, and show them conditionally based on the value of the hidden fields you set up earlier. Here is the doc on how to set conditional display logic.

Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

Hi Thanks for the reply

What if the third party scheduling app is not Calendly?

If you would like to set the redirect url in the app, maybe consider combining the thank-you pages into one and conditionally show the content based on your hidden field values. The redirect url can be directing to this combined step.