Specify completion step

Right now the only way for the form to recognize the form is completed is to add a “dead end” step.

This makes it impossible to have a completion step with a button to go back and edit their form.

Better behavior would be for a given step to be designated as a completion step, and when the user reaches this step, the form data is submitted as complete.

For now, you could have two buttons on the last step, one to “finish” the form and one to let the user go back and edit the form. Either that or you could just have a back button on your steps, which isn’t taken into consideration when determining completion

Thanks for the prompt response as always, Peter.

What you suggested is how I currently have it configured, but still seems to not complete the submission. Here’s my flow diagram where “Confirmation” is the step which loading counts as a completed submission.

The results are “Partial completions” but have all of my questions filled.

Actually, now I see what you mean and how your approach to add a button that explicitly finishes the form is distinct from my current approach. For now I’ve simply removed the ability to edit the submission until specifying a submission step is supported. Thanks!