Thank You form step

Hello. I added a “thank you” step to a form. How do I load the “thank you” step after the form has been completed? I assume a button on the previous step of the form would need to “Finish Form” but I don’t know how to then load the “thank you” step.

You can treat the “thank you” step as a normal step of your form, and just have it be the last step!

If it’s the last step, then a user would still need to interact with the form to complete the form - doesn’t that defeat the whole point of a “thank you” step? Is there a workaround?

If the user ends up on a terminal step with no way of progressing, we’ll automatically consider the form completed. No additional interaction necessary

This was implemented. When integrated with a spreadsheet, the Data Received event reflects partial submissions and data enrichment events BUT the Form Completion event does not work.

Have you tested in incognito? Oftentimes users have already completed the submission, then they turn on the integration but because the form is already completed and they have user tracking turned on in settings, another form completion event will not be sent for that submission