Submissions on forms not recorded & tallying with GSheet

Hey there, I noticed that submission on my forms are not recorded and tallied with my GSheet tracker even though there were submissions recorded on GSheet. I have manually input some form submissions on GSheet but I cant seem to find them on Feathery anymore. The form referred is the “en_cwgp_dataenrich_marketin” form

This is the data i have on Gsheets, but the submissions dont tally with what i see on Feathery Results tab

Hi Crystal,

Looks like multiple users are accessing the same submission - you can check our FAQs here for more on this issue.

Thank you!

Hey there, is there a way to generate a normal link instead of a unique link? I’m only able to grab links from the live form that generates unique links

You can just remove _id=<ID> parameter from your url.

Hi Crystal - the unique url might be the cause of the issue you mentioned and please let us know if the issue still persists with general links.

You can also get the general link from your form dashboard here as well:

Thank you.