Submission results are not tally with result on Gsheet

Hi, we are having an issue regarding the Gsheet integration. We integrated Gsheet and received some but not all the data respondent submitted on Gsheet. The submission results on Feathery are not tally with the results on Gsheet. Could you please consult / fix this issue?

HI Celine - can you please let us know which form this is for and what are the discrepancies in the data? Thank you.

This is the “Feedback Submission Form”. There are around 50+ live result showing on Feathery, but only 20 submission showing on my Gsheet.

And we realized there are 2 empty submissions, which actually under “completed” status.

Hi Celine,

Are you using it as an embedded form? If so, can you please try upgrading to the latest library version which might solve the empty entry issue: FAQs - Feathery Docs

For the Google Sheet integration, have you recently deleted / recreated the integration for that form?

I will try to upgrade the latest version later.

For Gsheet integration, yes, i recreated the integration before because i realized the submissions are not updated. We need the full data shown on Gheet, can you please help to fix this issue?

Hi Celine, just wanna check if the data difference is what this post is referring to? Please let us know if you are still experiencing the issue after lib version upgrade. Thank you.