"This is a required field" blue border around checkbox is misshapen

This is happening on checkboxes - see blue line around return policy square:

Can you share what browser you’re on and what actions you took to trigger this behavior?

Desktop Mac: Safari (latest version)
iPhone iOS: Chrome and Safari (latest versions)

The only place it is NOT happening is desktop Chrome.

If I leave the checkbox blank and try to submit the form, it shows that blue misshapen square around it along with the “This is a required field” message (since it is a required field):

iOS Safari:

iOS Safari - here you can see it better because the “required” bubble is gone:

iOS Chrome:

Mac Safari:

Mac Chrome - this is the one place it’s not happening:

I do see this in one of my required fields as well. It’s not someething that bothers me too much, but it may relate to the problem szollar is also running into!

we’ve gone ahead and disabled the outline in 2.0.174